Rise Up Mama!

Here you are sweet, mama…

This is a perfect place for you to lean into the support, inspiration and guidance to overcome your Solo Mama Overwhelm and get off the struggle train. What does it feel like when you Rise Up and embrace your inner warrior? Maybe just maybe this is the moment for you to reclaim and own all of that financial freedom, all of that time and energy that’s right there, waiting for you to grab it.  And that fully present YOU to be right there with your children as they grow up, feeling peaceful, beautiful, badass. Totally tapped in. YES!

Recent blog posts:

  • freedom Letting go - What does it feel like to let yourself be brand new? At times I can feel this grip that I have on something in my life. A relationship, a freindship, a way of looking at things. I am holding onto it because it’s a part of my identity. I feel like I need this thing, it […]
  • moon mama Call you power back to you, sister. - Fuck that. And just like that, she called her spirit back. And just like the thought that she had even given herself away, it was back, all of her power and energy, straight back into her core. BOOM. Full, complete, whole woman. She detached from the spell, from the past, from compelling illusions. Get centered […]
  • working through some stress Don’t worry, I’ve totally got this. - This is going to work, right? I was walking my son to school the other day amid a morning rush and after a late-night insomnia fest of thoughts and fears. It dawned on me that SHOO-whee! This has been the most stressful time of my life, being a single mom, healing from grief, trying to […]
  • Ara Soul Sisters - Cultivate time with women~ I cherish my girlfriends so much I could punch the air in celebration, mid air heel-click. The laughter and irreverence that comes in late night laughing fits. Oh what would I do without that patient listening ear and hearing the poetry of another’s experience. The ability to reflect on who we […]