Rise Up Mama!

Here you are sweet, mama…

This is a place to lean into the support, inspiration and guidance to overcome your Single Mama Overwhelm and get off the struggle train. You deserve to feel the power of Rising Up and finding your inner warrior!  It’s time to reclaim and own all of that financial freedom, all of that time and energy  and that fully present YOU to be right there with your children as they grow up, feeling peaceful, beautiful and badass. YES!

Recent blog posts:

  • I feel ya bro Just lock yourself in the bathroom for a sec - 10 things you can do when you just want to lock yourself in the bathroom. Just give me like one second alone. Seriously OMG.                     Lock yourself in the bathroom. Absolutely. Why not? How old is your kid? Give them the most entertaining, distracting thing you can […]
  • kirtan_2 A transformative meditation - Kirtan Kriya for Evolutionary Change An Introductory Course, Designed and Written by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/lesson_15 We all say we want to change. Well at least we want things to be different in our lives. We want to be happier and at peace within ourselves. We want more satisfying relationships. We want to be healthier. […]
  • IMG_8303 Oh, girl. - I hate to come across as negative but… Single Motherhood is frigging challenging!!! There’s not really a way around this fact. It’s effing hard. It can feel isolating, overwhelming and so much to manage on your own. It can be full of grief for what you don’t have or big life decisions that feel like 1000 […]
  • Watercolors Evenings with Creativity and Soul - It’s really been a while since I’ve felt my creative spirit soaring. Perhaps it’s a composition of factors, coming out of a really long and emotional winter, the spring blossoms coaxing me to skip and sing a little more, messages received during my winter pondering that are just now sinking in.  I’m awakening a side […]