About Rise Up Mama


Meet Katy Canete

I began Rise Up Mama because I realized that I was called to help other single mamas rise up from their struggle and overwhelm to find their peace, their flow, their best life. Not in spite of their circumstances but from the strength born of what they’ve overcome. I was a new mother  of  our one-year-old son, Rio, when my husband passed away suddenly, a heart attack on his way home from work. My life as I knew it totally shattered…

Wonderful, mysterious life

I have come out on the other side of this with so much love for me, so much joy, pure excitement about my life and all of the possibilities. I appreciate my moments. I appreciate my emotions, my ups and downs, I am in my flow. It’s really fucking hard to be a single mom. And it’s just okay for it to be messy, it just totally is. A mess sometimes! But it’s also incredibly beautiful and it’s working and it’s awesome. I am building our life everyday and I have done this with tools I’ve gained along the way.  I have a gift of teaching these life strategies to others as well. I recognize that one of my strengths is building community, creating support, holding people in their highest vision for their best lives. I want to help other mamas navigate the struggle, get off of the hamster wheels of life and the sad story of the single mom. Let’s drop the story together and Rise Up and create our village of powerful mamas who CAN do this!